Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation

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Yoga is called the Science of Life. It is over 5000 years old and has been admired and taught all over the world. Yoga has its foundation in Nature and is simple and easy for anyone to practice.

Most forms of Yoga today have their roots in Hatha Yoga that was developed about a thousand years ago. But Hatha Yoga is not the original teaching of Yoga. Hatha can be translated as “force.” From my perspective, there is no need to force or use the muscles during Yoga exercises. The easiest form of Yoga uses our natural Life Force to do the exercises called Asana. Again, the word “Asana” is defined in the Yoga Sutras (3000 years ago) as “comfortable position.” Our modern concept of Yoga is a bit distorted. All Yoga should be easy and natural enough for anyone of any age to perform.

The word Yoga means “Union.” Union with what? Yoga is more than union of the head with the toe! Yoga helps us to unite with the flow of Life Force, with Nature and with the flow of the Universe. Yoga helps to unite heart and mind thus bringing our life into greater harmony with Nature.

Modern human life is out of harmony with the world of Nature around us. When a bird wakes up in the morning, the bird naturally starts to sing. If it is hungry, it naturally looks for food. When a human being wakes up in the morning, we think what do I have to do today.

This Modern life has superimposed a mental matrix over our view of the real world around us. Yoga describes this mental matrix as Maya. Maya is a false view of reality. Our mental matrix dominates our perception and we make choices that are out of synchrony with the world of Nature around us. According to Yoga, this is the source of all stress, pain, disease and death.

The Science of Life as taught in traditional Yoga is more than just physical exercises. The Science of Yoga addresses every aspect of human life. The teachings of Yoga are compared to a body that has Eight Limbs.

    • Yama – doing good for others and for the universe around you

    • Niyama – opening your spiritual gifts inside of you

    • Asana – comfortable positions that strengthen flexibility and a healthy flow of Life Force in body, mind and soul

    • Pranayama – Breathing exercises that deepen the flow of Life Force and direct it throughout the physical and soul bodies

    • Pratyahara – Mindfulness and being Present within oneself without external interference

    • Dharana – Sustained awareness on one thing without being distracted

    • Dhyana – Flowing with the wave of sustained awareness created in Dharana

    • Samadhi – Meditation that naturally opens our spiritual awareness and Insight


The Science of Yoga helps us to stimulate our connection to the Source of our Life Force. This Source of Life Force is a Quantum Field of Consciousness that is within everyone. This Ocean of Consciousness is the Source of everything we do in our life. Through the practice of Yoga we naturally move our Life Force and release our stress, our ill health and negative emotions.

Of all the Yoga practices Meditation or Samadhi is the easiest to practice and takes the least amount of time and effort. For those who have enough time to do a complete program of one hour or so, all Eight Limbs enhance our life so we become not only healthy but peacefully content and wise at the same time. The Eighth Limb of Yoga is Meditation. This one simple practice produces all the benefits from the other Seven Limbs of Yoga.

Meditation has a wide range of benefits that are the natural result of awakening our Consciousness and stimulating our Life Force to nourish our body, mind and soul. The Science of Yoga is designed to refresh and rejuvenate us while at the same time help us to eliminate the negative effects of stress that result in pain, disease and death. When Meditation is combined with a conscientious program of healthy thoughts and behavior as taught through the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the natural result is a happy, healthy and long life.

Yoga and Meditation will us to heal all our resistances and impediments in a very natural way. Just as the light of the Sun stimulates the plants to grow and be healthy, so too does the Light and Meditation help our life to grow and be healthy! No need to push or control. No need to focus on our healing. When we Meditate and do Yoga, the sun will naturally enrich our life and bring us back to good health and good living.




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