Soma Enhancing Invincibility

Soma Enhancing Invincibility

Soma Enhancing Invincibility

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Soma Sutras say:
“Soma is Love Consciousness in Motion.”


Soma is a subtle but powerful hormone
that is naturally produced in the body
during heightened states of Consciousness such as deep meditation.

When Soma is present, it enhances every function of the body
and in particular enhances perception to extend beyond the normal range
of the Five Senses.


Love removes friction.

Soma makes a wall of Love Protection that becomes invincible…


When Soma is present, nothing can penetrate your body or your soul.

Soma is materialized in a Quantum Field of Consciousness
that is produced during ELM and Perpetual Life Force Meditations.


Soma is friction free and super coherent.

Soma unifies the entire body/field of Consciousness so efficiently
that it creates a shield of invincibility.


Fear breaks down our resistance to negative forces.

Soma awakens a Quantum Field of Consciousness
that can realign all the elements of our body and soul
creating an impenetrable field of homeostasis, and invincible health and happiness.


We will be teaching the Soma Sutras during the Iki Island Retreat in May.




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