[Iyashi Fair Online] The Global Challenge that Leads to Global Ascension

The Global Challenge that Leads to Global Ascension

The Global Challenge that Leads to Global Ascension

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We are living in a time of dramatic transformation.

Everyone has to review their life
and find new meaning to what they want to be doing.


The past logic and guidelines to success no longer work.

The rules of economics are falling apart
as the global economy is shaking from the impact of Coronavirus.

Fear has entered everyone’s life and pushes us to see beyond our limits.


Everything is adding up to create Global Transformation and Ascension.



We are entering a new dimension of human enlightenment.

As Consciousness enters a Quantum Field of Perception:
Time, Space and the weight of Gravity all start to fade away.

Everything becomes more Present and dreamlike.

Opportunities for new human development of supernormal skills
will begin to appear as the old confinements of the world breakdown.


This is an amazing time
but can also be very confusing unless we understand what is happening.

The world is not being attacked.

It only looks like that on the surface.

The fruit has to fall from the tree before the seed can be planted.

The world as we knew it
is transforming into a new Global Consciousness of Enlightenment and Ascension.



Bob Fickes has been teaching meditation and Ascension for 50 years.

He has predicted what is happening now and has knowledge and tools
to help us to grow into a more Enlightened State of Consciousness.


At the Iyashi Fair Online on 9 May
Bob will offer suggestions and insights to help everyone to see the seeds
that are being planted and the vision of a new life on Mother Earth.







Bob Fickes Workshop Schedule


    • May 1 (Fri) - 6 (Wed)
      Iki Island Soma Retreat, Nagasaki, Japan
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    • May 8 (Fri)
      Personal Session Online
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    • July 5 (Sun) - August 29 (Sat)
      ELM Teacher Training Course, Chiang Mai, Thailand
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