The 4 Views of Life ― From Ignorance to Enlightenment

The 4 Views of Life - From Ignorance to Enlightenment

The 4 Views of Life - From Ignorance to Enlightenment

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The normal human view of Reality is declared by the Enlightened Masters
to be Ignorance.

Ignorance does not mean stupid!

It simply means to ignore or not be able to perceive the whole Truth.

Unfortunately the view of Ignorance is the normal view that we are born with.



Normal View is 3Dimensional Reality
where subject and all objects of perception are separated from each other.

The subject is required to work hard in order to change Reality,
but inevitably gets exhausted because thereis no end to what we need to do.

We get tired!

We get sick and then we eventually die.



In the Dream View the subject and object can change at any moment
and become something different than what it was.

The View in Dream Reality never stops moving or transforming.

Emotions are often out of control.

At first the Dream View looks like the Normal 3D Reality
but later we realize that it moves like water
and nothing remains the same like the frozen or ice view of Normal Reality.



For most people their View is limited to the Normal 3D View and the Dream View.

In both these Views the subject always feels a bit out of control
and often helpless to change their Reality.



During Meditation is the first time when subject, verb and object all disappear.

Only Consciousness remains without an object or a subjective mind.

In deep Meditation Consciousness can observe the Screen of the Mind
and recognize it to be like a screen on a computer where all perception takes place.

The Normal 3D View and the Dream View all appear on this screen of the computer.



Consciousness, however, is independent
and free to observe the thinking mind as something separate from Consciousness
much like our eye can observe our body as different from our eye.

The Meditation View is the beginning of awakening the Enlightened View.



When we alternate
the Normal 3D View, the Dream View, and the Meditation View every day,
something very special happens:

the 3 Views merge together and unite in One Enlightened View.



Consciousness observes Normal 3D View and Dream View
on the screen of the mind like a Movie.

All the separated elements are united into a Movie
that we can view from the outside looking in
just as we do when we watch a movie on our computer.

We see things we couldn't see when we were so absorbed in the Movie.


Consciousness in Enlightenment is like the User of the computer.

If the User develops new skills, everything in the computer can be changed.

The subject/object relationship changes and anything becomes possible.

We are so excited that we never get tired.


Our life is beyond the movie so we never die in the Movie.

Enlightened Life is now Eternal Life
with Perpetual Life Force that never ceases to exist!


The 4 Views are all permanently part of
the Whole and Complete View of Enlightenment.







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