Bob Fickes Talking with "Ki" Workshop

Talking with ki Workshop

Bob Fickes Talking with Ki Workshop

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Saturday July 4 13:30 to 17:30


As the 3D perception of Reality is melting, we can begin to observe that Consciousness is everywhere. We can also recognize that the focus of our ego holds our perception and freezes whatever we focus upon. It is the frozen quality of our ego that makes everything appear concrete.


Consciousness has two aspects: Ku and Ki. That is to say that Ku is Silent and Unmoving Consciousness, and Ki is Vibrating Consciousness or Life Force. All Consciousness is intelligent. Consciousness moving as Life Force or Ki is innately intelligent. If Ki is Intelligent, we can communicate with it!


This workshop will introduce us to observing the Ki inside of everything and learning how to communicate with Ki as a living being that has Intelligence and the ability to both listen and respond. This Workshop is the first step to show our Consciousness how to live in the New Age of Enlightenment and Ascension and have the ability to communicate with everything in the world around us. The Pandemic has opened the doors to a whole new Reality filled with many miraculous gifts and quantum abilities. We are truly beginning to enter a world of Infinite Possibilities.




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