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[Online Video Course] Soma Sutras Activations

Soma Sutras Activations

Soma Sutras Activations

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Soma Sutras Activations
May 3 and May 6 Online


May Soma flow in a sweet and golden stream and increase our health and happiness.


Even though Iki Island has been postponed until it is safe to travel again, now is the time for us to learn how to generate more Soma. Some is produced in the body during deep meditation. With most people staying indoors we can use our time to go deep with our meditation and learn the Soma Sutras.

Soma is a natural hormone produced by the body to generate God Consciousness and all higher perception. Soma is liquid Love. When it moves through us, we feel warm and happy. We can begin to see bright colors and auras, hear divine music, and smell the fragrance of sandlewood in the air.

We will offer the Soma Sutras in two separate initiations. Sutras stimulate our consciousness to realize deep Truths and enter Higher States of Enlightenment more quickly. Anyone who has a Mantra from any of our programs can take this course.

The first Soma Activation will be on Sunday May 3 and the second Soma Activation will be held on Wednesday May 6. We are setting up a special Zoom Online Course for this special opportunity. Join us for a surprising experience.


Bob Fickes Workshop Schedule

 Wednesday Evening Channeling

 7:00pm - 9:30pm JST
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 Thursday Evening Group Meditation

 7:00pm - 8:30pm JST
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 Personal Session

I am reducing my fees by almost 50% during this Pandemic to help in any way I can.
I am available online through either Zoom or Skype or in person in Osaka.
This is a time for all of us to review our life and see what we can do to be of better service to Mother Earth and our self and our family.

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