Sai Sanyana for those who do not have it and want to attend Deva Language Workshop

Sai Sanyana Workshop

Sai Sanyana Workshop

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Sai Sanyana for those who do not have it and want to attend Deva Language & Jivaka Healing Workshop

October 3 (Sun) 13:30 - 17:30 JST

Sai Sanyana is a powerful healing tool that we can use anytime to clear our stress, release our emotion and remove our ancient Karma.

Sai Sanyana means “I Promise”
I promise to let go of all my restrictions and all my Karma.
I promise to be my Self and fulfill my purpose in this life and in this Universe.

Sai Sanyana was first taught by Jivaka, the Ayurvedic Doctor who was with Lord Buddha.
We use an ancient Chant from Buddha to open our awareness to Higher Consciousness.
When used along with a simple breathing technique, we can clear heavy emotion, frustration, stress and all kinds of Karma in just a few minutes.

This workshop is the first of three instructions to become a Healer of Devalange, Jivaka Healing (Upgrade Jaupu, Violet Fire Healing). You don’t have to take the advanced courses unless you want to. You can learn only Sai Sanyana and it will help you immensely. But if you want to learn Deva Langage and Jivaka Healing, it is essential that you attend this course.

Sai Sanyana is also a style of meditation that helps us with healing ourself. It is deep and powerful and very easy to practice. We will all have fun doing it and feel how much we are changed after practicing Sai Sanyana. Normally this technique has only been taught on long meditation programs in Thailand. But now I am here in Osaka and want to share this with all of you. You can participate in this course on Zoom.




Learn Deva Language Workshop First Time in Japan

October 9 &10 Nara
October 16 & 17 Kamakura

The Deva Language is the language of the gods. It is not written down anywhere but it is pure and powerful heavenly inspired and used by Buddhist monks since the time of Lord Buddha for healing and releasing karma.
Learning Deva Language must be passed on by a Master who has the proper training.
This Course is amazing and has never been taught outside Thailand. This is the first time in Japan.




Jivaka Healing Initiation Workshop

October 23 & 24 Nara
November 6 & 7 Kamakura 

Following Deva Language you can learn the ancient healing arts that were taught by Lord Buddha and his Ayurvedic Doctor Jivaka. They rank among the most powerful healing tools found in the world. In order to attend this course, you must have learned Sai Sanyana.



To apply for this Workshop, please visit the following page






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