Regeneration Upgrade

Regeneration Upgrade

Regeneration Upgrade

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Upgrade Regeneration Meditation WS

August 16 (Sun)
1:30 PM - 6:00 PM JST



The Regeneration Mantra is
one of the most popular and most powerful Mantras we teach.

When I first taught Regeneration,
I realized that it had different qualities than all the other Mantras.

It was much deeper and faster than normal Bija Mantras.

This Mantra really stimulated our Consciousness to produce Soma.

It was so unique that I had to call it an Accelerated Mantra
that had its origin in Sama Veda.

Regneration has the power to rebuild our body.

Regeneration is different from rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation wakes up our body and refreshes us.

Regeneration rebuilds our body and replaces what was lost, damaged or missing.



As Global Consciousness wakes up
and Higher Dimensions from the Quantum Field become a part of normal human life,
Regeneration has evolved into an extraordinary Healing Tool.

I have upgraded it to move along side Narasimha,
Perpetual Life Force and the new Kannon Healing Mantras.

Regeneration rebuilds what was lost or damaged.

Now with the Upgrade,
it can be used as a powerful Healing Mantra and dynamic producer of Soma.

This Course will be a power surge to your Consciousness
and quickly become one of your favorite Mantras.




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