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Prasad Workshop

Saturday 7 November 13:30-18:00 JST


Prasad is one of the great gifts from meditation. The Universe rewards us with sweet Soma! The Prasad Mantra is a great compliment and a powerful foundation in Ku so we can enjoy Soma more clearly both in our meditation and in our activity during the day.

It is time to offer the Prasad Mantra on Saturday November 7 at 13:30.

This will be a VERY DEEP experience for all of us!

Prasad takes us deep into Ku. It is the only Mantra designed to hold us in Ku without the activity of opening the channels of perception…just deep Silent Ku!

Join us!

For those of you who have done long meditation on any course in the past, you can do all night meditation starting Friday night November 6. This is only because we will meet on Saturday to talk about our experiences and do puja with Prasad.




To apply for this Workshop, please visit the following page
( Written in Japanese )




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[Online Video Course] Soma Sutras 1st Activation

[Online Video Course] Soma Sutras 1st Activation


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