Opening to Inner Christ Channeling

Opening to Inner Christ Channeling With Bob Fickes

Opening to Inner Christ Channeling With Bob Fickes

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Opening to Inner Christ Channeling
With Bob Fickes


When we channel in the style that I have always taught, the Masters and angels arise directly out of our Inner Silence and speak through us while we are in a Super Conscious State. Inner Christ Channeling is a form of deep meditation that allows the Masters to emerge from inside and show us how they would use our mind and body to help others and become enlightened.


Babaji taught this process to me thirty-five years ago. It is completely different than all other forms of channeling. This form of channeling is not about channeling information (that is a wonderful side effect of the practice). It is about becoming a Master.


In most cases we have to observe a Master’s behavior and speech and try to figure out what they are saying and doing and why. But in this form of meditation, we become the Master and observe how they think, how they speak, and how they move our body. We are one with them. They never enter from the outside. They rise up from the inside and bring with them all of their Bliss and Divinity. It is exciting and easy to learn.


I have taught many thousands of people to channel. Many of whom are now famous Channels in both America and Japan. I have been surprised many times to see a channeled book or cd from someone I had taught to channel many years ago.


This is an exciting workshop that anyone, even non-meditators can attend. We will experience Sanat Kumara, Sananda, Mary, Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, etc. along with a whole host of divine beings. It is really a fun workshop that will help us to develop our skills to become divine with all the powers of a Master. Come and join us and spread the word to your friends. This may be exactly what they need to step into meditation and join our wonderful community of light workers. Anyone can attend this workshop and open to channel quickly. It is easy and fun.


In this Workshop we will also learn:

  1. How to identify Four Levels of Beings: Astral/ET, Etheric, Inner Christ/Bodhisattva, and I AM Presence.

  2. We will also learn how to ask the Master to sign in so that we can verify they are who they say they are and not an astral spirit pretending to be the Master.

  3. We will also learn simple clearing methods that we can use to clear Astral and Karmic interference.


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[Japan] April 2020 Bob Fickes in Osaka Workshop Schedule

 Wednesday Evening Channeling

 April 22, 7:00pm - 9:30pm JST
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 Thursday Evening Group Meditation

April 30, 7:00pm - 9:30pm JST
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 Personal Session

I am reducing my fees by almost 50% during this Pandemic to help in any way I can.
I am available online through either Zoom or Skype or in person in Osaka.
This is a time for all of us to review our life and see what we can do to be of better service to Mother Earth and our self and our family.

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Bob Fickes Workshop Schedule


    • May 3 (Sun) and 6 (Wed)
      Soma Sutra Workshop

    • May 8 (Fri) - 10 (Sun)
      Personal Session

    • July 5 (Sun) - August 29 (Sat)
      ELM Teacher Training Course, Chiang Mai, Thailand
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