Mindfulness vs. Perpetual Life Force Meditation

Mindfulness vs. Perpetual Life Force Meditation

Mindfulness vs. Perpetual Life Force Meditation

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Real Meditation has been scientifically documented
to be a Fourth Major State of Consciousness.


A State of Consciousness is different
from a state of mind or any mental ability of the mind.

A real State of Consciousness has to be naturally produced
and not forced or controlled.



The State of Consciousness we call Meditation is referred
to in the scientific community as the Wakeful Hypometabolic State.

This term identifies the Meditation State
as unusually alert (more than Waking State)
while simultaneously having extremely deep rest
(more than double the rest occurringin sleep).



Mindfulness is a mental activity
that helps to develop more attentiveness without distractions.

It requires practice and patience to develop.

Mindfulness does not necessarily activate new brain functions
or deepen the level of conscious perception.

It is more like improving the screen of your computer to see images more clearly.

Mind is like the computer screen.


Consciousness is like the electrical impulses
that produce the images in the field of perception.

Consciousness can become microscopic or macroscopic.

Consciousness is infinite while mind is localized and finite.


Mindfulness by its very nature is limited and focused awareness.

It is mentally produced and controlled.



Meditation is a State of Consciousness that expands the field of perception
similar to how a microscope enables the eye to perceive things
it normally cannot perceive.


The expansion of Consciousness is affects
not only the screen of our mind but also the depth of our feeling.

Meditation can more accurately be called Full of Consciousness and Feeling
rather than more mindfulness of the objects of perception.


Meditation deepens the field of awareness rather than developing concentration.

Concentration involves narrow focus.

Meditation involves an expansion of Awareness and Presence.



During Perpetual Life Force Meditation
we trigger the innate ability of our Consciousness to enter the Meditative State.

No control or concentration is necessary
and in fact is counter productive to the natural state of meditation.


As we enter the Meditative State
our Consciousness is stimulated into producing more electricity we call Life Force.


This Life Force spreads through every cell of the brain and every cell of the body.

This creates an extremely efficient state of both brain activity and physiology.


Brain and body both become more sophisticated.

The brain produces Gamma Waves that synchronizes the entire surface of the brain
and stimulates higher brain functions previously never experienced by the individual.

The body experiences this refined Life Force or Life Electricity
and produces more homeostasis, less stress and more efficient metabolism.



Perpetual Life Force Meditation is not only easier than Mindfulness,
it also reverses the Aging Process and evolves our entire being
into a more sophisticated and highly alert state of human capability.





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