Mighty Waves of Violet Fire Soma - Violet Fire Sangha Power for MahaPuja

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All over the Asian world people will be gathering at the Temples to walk around the Pagoda three times with Incense and candles.
MahaPuja is the perfect time for us to combine our Soma Power with the Violet Fire and heal the planet.
MahaPuja is a time when the Sangha (Group Consciousness) is the most effective.
We have been producing and accumulating our Soma for a few months now.
MahaPuja is the perfect time for us to share our Soma and send it with Violet Fire for the good of the world.
Our Sangha can create mighty waves of Violet Fire Soma. This will be an exciting opportunity to feel how we can help the world with the Power of Soma. Join us on February 27!




In Japan ※UTC+9
Saturday, February 27 1:30pm - 5:30pm

In Thailand
Saturday, February 27 11:30am - 3:30pm

In the USA
Pacific Standard Time UTC-8
Friday, February 26 8:30pm   -  Saturday, February 27  0:30am
Central Standard Time UTC-6
Friday, February 26 10:30pm   -  Saturday, February 27  2:30am




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