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Lotus Meditation Workshop For Women

Lotus Meditation Workshop For Women

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 Lotus Meditation Workshop


Many of you have been enjoying the great benefits of the Lotus Mantra for women. Now Mother is calling us all to open the door to the Feminine Power even more than in the past. She has upgraded and accelerated the Lotus Mantra for all women to use.

Her Shakti is moving now to save all humanity and all living beings who are Mother Earth’s children. Her Love and Compassion are with us all now more than any time before in Earth’s history. This new Advanced Lotus Mantra will help both new meditators and advanced meditators to deepen their Shakti and make our journey into the future more smooth.

This is the Time when we are passing through the Final Veils of Karmic lessons that appear at the End of Kali Yuga. These lessons represent the last and most difficult karma for humanity to pass through. The Mother Heart of the Universe is here to support us through this time and bring as many people as possible into the New Age of Enlightenment and Ascension.

The Lotus Mantra and Yantra has been a powerful tool for many women to clear the karma of their past and connect them to their heritage of the Divine Feminine Goddess Power. Now the Advanced Lotus Mantra will give Women a Quantum Leap into the Creative Power of the Universal Mother.

Every woman has the right to become a Living Goddess here on Earth. Mother Earth needs you now to help lift the Clouds of Karma Past and open the doors to a safer journey for all of humanity to enter into the Future New Age.




The Lotus Mantra and Yantra awakens the original Mother Goddess who created this entire Universe. All women come from Her and all women have Her deep inside of them.

The Lotus Mantra and Yantra helps every woman get in touch with their Divine Feminine Power and clear away the generations of negative karma that has been carried by all the women since the Time of Atlantis.

Lotus Mantra and Yantra helps every woman to reconnect to their roots and awaken their Primordial Creative and Universal Shakti. It is this Shakti Power that is needed now to guide humanity back to Harmony with Nature and with the Ultimate loving gifts that the Divine Feminine wants to bestow on our world.

This technique is for Women Only.

We will teach this in Osaka and on Zoom September 18 and 19 to bring more Power to the women of Japan.


September 18 (Sat) - 19 (Sun) both day 13:30 - 17:30 JST





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