Create a Protective Shield for Japan

Create a Protective Shield for Japan

Create a Protective Shield for Japan

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The Three Daughters of Amaterasu have protected Japan from invasion from China for a thousand years. Their home is on the three islands at Munakata. In ancient times this was the Gateway to China.


Mantras are Cosmic Frequencies from the Quantum Field of Consciousness. When we use a Mantra it activates this Quantum Field of Consciousness. Mantras also create a Protective Shield around the person who uses the Mantra.


This Protective Shield is called a Kavach and was used by ancient warriors to protect them and their country during times of war.


Today we will use the Perpetual Life Force Meditation Mantra and Yantra to protect Japan from the invasion of the Wuhan virus. At 3:33PM we will do puja and meditate in Munakata to create a Shield of Protection at the Gateway to Japan. You can join us in your meditation at any time today or tomorrow to reinforce this Protective Shield.




Munakata Retreat

in Munakata


Start your meditation with the intention to create a Wall of Light at the Ocean Gate of Munakata.


Call on the Three Daughters of Amaterasu to protect the people of Japan as they have always done. Send them your Love using the Cosmic Frequencies of your Mantra and directing it to the Gate of Japan at Munakata. Surround all of Japan with a Wall of Golden Light.


You do not need to think about the Wuhan virus. Keep your meditation Pure. Just create the Wall of Golden Light and put your Love into the Three Daughters of Amaterasu. The Universe will do the rest.





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