Channeling from Sanat Kumara

Channeling from Sanat Kumara

Channeling from Sanat Kumara

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I AM That I AM Sanat Kumara!

Blessings to you!


As we enter the New Year of 2020
Human Consciousness has created a shift at the Galactic Center.

This shift is sending waves of Magenta Love Light
through all the planets of this Solar System.

Each of the planets serves as Chakras
for the Awakening of the Mother Soul for our Solar System.

As Human Consciousness evolves so too does the Consciousness of this Mother Soul.

These two hearts dance together to lift the Mother Energy of all living beings.

It is this Mother’s Love that changes the human ego
to have more love for all living beings and more compassion for other humans on Earth.

Use this Magenta Love Light as an instrument of Global Healing for your world.

Call on the Mother Soul Heart and connect your heart with Hers.

Bath your body and your world in this Magenta Love Light!


May this be the Happiest of New Years!

I AM Sanat Kumara speaking to you from the Galactic Center!

Many Blessings to All!