Channeling from Merlin

Channeling from Merlin

Channeling from Merlin

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Well Greetings and Blessings to you!!

I AM the Merlin!
Master Magician and Master of the Violet Fire!


This is going to be an amazing year for all of you!

You will need to develop your ability to upgrade your energy
with Violet Fire and Meditation!

If you don’t know by now,
this year you are scheduled to lay the foundation to use your power in the future!

Any old habits must be let go and your senses opened to deeper insight!


This year you must see your self clearly!

You can no longer live the unconscious life as a robot!

Your heart wants to open and you have wanted to do something for a long time!

Well! Now is the time to do it!
And if you hesitate, or make excuses, the world will give you problems!


Do not doubt your self!
If you feel to do something, it is time to do it!


Logical advice will be your enemy and prevent you
from taking the steps you need to take.

Fortune-tellers will distract you and lead you away from your Inner Truth
because only you can see who you really are
and no one can tell you what you are supposed to know for your self!


Use the Violet Fire to clear your Insight!


Violet Fire Violet Fire Violet Fire!!

Raise and Blaze! Raise and Blaze! Raise and Blaze!

Oh Loving Masters, who watch over me,
help me to see my truth for the good of the world!

Open the Inner Eyes of my Heart and Let Me See!


I AM the Master of the Violet Fire!
I AM the Merlin!
Call on me when you need my help!

But remember!
If you ask me to hide the truth, I will turn on the pressure more severely!!



I AM the Merlin!
Blessings to you!
And good day to you!






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