Bob Fickes Karma Dharma Zoom Online Workshop

Bob Fickes Karma Dharma Zoom Online Workshop

Bob Fickes Karma Dharma Zoom Online Workshop

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From Karma To Dharma Online Workshop
June 6 - June 7  13:30-17:30 (JST)



As we emerge from our inner journeys and slowly venture into the outer world again, we must recognize that nothing is as it was before. This particularly means that WE are not as we were before. We have a new view of the world that Is more self based rather than worldly based. Our natural flow has changed. 

I am doing a review of the Karma/Dharma book that I wrote many years ago and realize that it is time for an upgrade. Karmic memories are certainly clearing more intensely than ever before. This is certainly why there is so much fear in the world. But there is also more Inner Light that helps us to see a broader view of our life and move us closer to a more sensitive and powerful future. 

Karma is melting. Evolution never goes backwards. Dharma is our path forwards in better sensitivity to Nature and the real world around us. This workshop will open our eyes to this new view and help us make important decisions that will affect our future.

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