2020 Vision with Quantum Synchronicity

2020 Vision with Quantum Synchronicity

2020 Vision with Quantum Synchronicity

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Reiwa has brought Rays of Sunshine to Mother Earth and Japan. Now as we enter the next decade with 2020, we are also entering a new cycle of the Chinese Zodiac on 25 January! Whatever has been restricting you will be finally lifted and new prosperity will enter your life.

These new cycles mark the end of the old energy of 3D limitations and the beginning of a new period of insight and prosperity for everyone. There will be more Quantum Synchronicity with everything you do. The Universe is smiling!

We are introducing the Perpetual Life Force Meditation to enhance your body, brain and soul energy with Higher Frequencies of Life/Love Force so that you have the power to overcome the past and move more quickly into your Highest and Best Future.

You may have noticed that 2019 gave us some great insights for our future but frustrated us because there were so many things we needed to change in our life. This period of frustration is over! Another Veil has been lifted that allows us to materialize more smoothly and flow in more gentle waves of our heart power.

We have not seen a presence on Earth like this since the Time of Lemuria. The Feminine Age has taken another giant step and Mother Earth is embracing all her children with the gentle synchronicity of Perpetual Life/Love Force.

This new meditation is amazingly smooth and powerful. As we enter the New Year and the Next Decade, this meditation will help Brahman Consciousness become a huge part of our shining new life.

Help us to share this opportunity with more and more people in Japan! We want to bring this new mantra to as many of your students as possible. This is particularly important during the Chinese New Year from 25 January to 8 February.