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About Bob Fickes


Bob opened his heart to Enlightenment in 1970 through meditation and has devoted the last 50 years to sharing meditation around the world.

Since the year 2012 and now again after 2020, Human Consciousness has entered a Field of Quantum Consciousness where there are no limits to our experience of the Infinite Truth. Human perception and human ability has entered a Field of All Possibilities. The evolution of Human Consciousness is accelerating at an amazing pace.

As the veils of the past are disappearing and new levels of perception are dawning, it becomes important that we have the latest and best tools to help us adjust our perception and enter the most current level of discovery. Fantastic abilities from the ancient past of our Master Soul Consciousness are beginning to resurface.

Bob is constantly monitoring the Frequencies of Higher Dimensions in order to bring forth the revelations, insights and abilities we will need to carve a new Path to our future as Human Beings in a Field of Quantum Enlightened Consciousness. He has introduced numerous tools to help us get more comfortable with the strange altered perception of this Field of Quantum Enlightened Consciousness and discover what we can do to improve the way we are living as a Global Community of Spiritually Conscious Beings.