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Eternal Love Meditation takes us beyond the limits of our Mind
by unlocking the Doorway to the Infinite Potential of the Divine Heart.

Bob Fickes Eternal Love Meditation Initations

Bob Fickes Eternal Love Meditation Initations


The Infinite Love of your Divine Heart has been hidden beneath the layers of emotion and memories of your past like the Sun hiding behind the clouds. The limitations of your Human Mind are powerless to remove the clouds that block you from living your Divine Truth. Awakening the Divine Heart through Eternal Love Meditation ignites the Mighty Sunshine of God Consciousness in us. The Divine Heart is an Eternal Source of Cosmic Love, Cosmic Life Force, and the Cosmic Wisdom of God Consciousness. All that you seek is inside of you waiting to be Realized. You are what you seek. Eternal Love Meditation will help you to open the Door and see for yourself the many Gifts that are waiting for you in the Chamber of the Heart. 



Eternal Love Meditation Initiations


The Eternal Love Meditation is an all new and very powerful upgraded version of Fulfillment Meditation. The level of Global Consciousness is accelerating every day waking up higher brain functions and deeper Love, Compassion and Understanding that will transform our world dramatically over the next two to three years. The Eternal Love Meditation Program emerged in response to this global shift.

If we are to lift our consciousness to the next level, we must involve more frequencies of Love in our Meditation. Meditation produces a unique State of Consciousness that awakens Pure Infinite Silent Love Consciousness from deep inside of us. Eternal Love Meditation will help us to move into Higher Consciousness with more Love and Compassion and greater skill at materializing our highest potential in this life. This is the real purpose of meditation to expand our present level of consciousness into its highest and most powerful experience through the direct experience of the Presence of Divine Love.

Each of the four techniques of the Eternal Love Meditation Program can be easily learned by anyone whether they have practiced meditation before or not. All four techniques connect to the heart in different ways. They take us out of our mind and into our Eternal Living Presence that resides deep inside our Heart. Like Fulfillment Meditation every technique takes us into Ku, the Pure Infinite Silent Consciousness that is the Source of everything we do in life. In the Eternal Love Meditation, we recognize this Source Consciousness to be the Primordial Source of Life Force in the form of Love Power.




Love Meditation


Love Meditation

Love Meditation


The first technique and the most important is the Love Mantra. The Love Mantra is very powerful because it is the precise frequency of the Pure Vibration of Love. This gives us Infinite Support for everything in our life.

Love is the support. It is the Foundation of Inner Silence that supports our stability during times of challenge and stress. If we have this core of Love, no matter what situations come up, no matter what emotions arise, we can deal with them clearly without being controlled by them.

This is the first mantra that we give because it helps us to transform our old reactions to the world around us and allows us to bring in more Love and Compassion. The Love Mantra is like the Sun. It fills us with the warmth and security of Love and touches everything in our life and refreshes everything in our body, consciousness, and soul.



New Life Meditation


New Life Meditation

New Life Meditation


The next technique that we teach is the New Life Mantra. The New Life Mantra creates a new life with more love, more support from the Universe, and more expansion of all the abilities and perception we need in this life. With the New Life Mantra, we receive an empowerment that takes us down deep inside the Earth and connects and grounds us with the support of Mother Earth. At the same time, we also receive an empowerment that takes us up into the sky and expands our perception with the higher perspective and view from the Spiritual Consciousness of the Infinite Sky we call Heaven.

With the New Life Mantra, we stretch the Love by connecting with Mother Earth and the new energy of Higher Dimensions that are coming in from Heaven. That is New Life! It is very integrating. As you stretch in both directions high and low, you are also strengthening your Center in the Heart. Many people are feeling that now is the time to start living the life they have dreamed of becoming. The New Life Mantra helps us to actualize that dream.



Magnificent Life Meditation


Magnificent Life Meditation

Magnificent Life Meditation


The Magnificent Life Mantra amplifies our Divine Presence so we can be an instrument in the hands of the Divine. It melts our ego/mind into a magnificent Pink and Magenta Sun that radiates Love through every intention that we have in our life. The Magnificent Life is about the final transformation that brings our whole life into Devotion and the Pure Harmony and Bliss of God Consciousness. The experience of Devotion to this Universe strengthens the way our attention is moving through our life. This kind of attention is not the strength of our mind or our philosophical beliefs. It is the strength of our Presence and the way we are directing our life. True happiness and fulfillment in life happens when our intention is fulfilling the Universal Desire of God Source that wants to move through everything we do in life.

With the Magnificent Life Mantra, we visualize our Heart and our Ego united by an ever-expanding Sun that has Pink on the inside and is surrounded by Magenta on the outside radiating in all directions through every intention we create. We are living our life with Devotion to the Universe and trust the flow of our Heart to be synchronized with the flow of the Universe moving through us. This creates a tidal wave of Love/Life Force that can accomplish miracles in our daily life. Our life becomes a magnificent life in the hands of God Consciousness, the highest achievement of human consciousness.



Violet Fire Meditation


Violet Fire Meditation

Violet Fire Meditation


The Violet Fire Mantra transmutes the vibration of old habits and emotions into frequencies of greater Love, Compassion and Understanding for the challenges we face in our life.

Violet Fire is the most important tool we can learn to change the momentum of our life into Divine Presence and become the real loving personality that we all strive to live in our daily life. This is not about thinking or controlling our emotions or the way our mind is reacting. It is as natural as lighting a candle in a dark room. When we light a candle, the darkness automatically becomes brighter. There is no struggle with the emotions of darkness that cloud our vision. When we introduce the Presence of the Light of Love, our entire being becomes brighter and more naturally loving. Focusing on our problems only reinforces them. We must introduce a more Loving Presence without thinking about our problems. Experiencing the Violet Fire Mantra naturally shifts our attention into the feeling of more Divine Love while simultaneously transmuting our old habits and old emotional responses into more friendliness, compassion and love. The Violet Fire Mantra is a simple technique that anyone can learn to effectively transform the way we feel and react to the challenges of the world around us.



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How to Learn


Any Teacher of the Eternal Love Meditation can share these techniques with you and empower you with the practice of Eternal Love Meditation. The Teacher will do a brief ceremony of Initiation called a Puja that will turn on the natural experience of deep meditation. Once you have received this initiation your meditation will work every time for the rest of your life.

If there are no Teachers of this Meditation in your area, you can schedule a Zoom or Skype Session with me online and receive the Initiation. You will have the experience and ability to meditate on your own for the rest of your life. Sign up now by clicking on the following link.




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